6 Things Every Writer Has

1) Your writing sweater.

This might be an old comfy jacket, bathrobe or sweater that you throw on in the cold mornings or late nights to do your writing thing. It might belong to someone else–maybe a friend left it at your house or you grabbed your hubby’s hoodie. Either way, every writer has something warm, old and comfy to wear in front of the computer–and I bet you’d never wear it out on a Friday night!

2) Your writing chair.

This might be as simple as a computer chair. More often, it’s a comfy couch, lay-z-boy or even your bed, where you stretch out with a laptop or curl up with a notebook. Every writer has their favorite place to write and relax!

3) Speaking of notebooks….

You probably own 20 journals and you grab one of them when you need to jot down an idea, or if you’re just tired of sitting and staring at a computer screen. What notes go in which notebook? I have no idea! But chances are you have a favorite notebook, just the right size and shape, where you can pen your thoughts freely.

4) Your writing beverage.

Whether it’s a hot cup of coffee or tea, a soda, a big glass of water or a slightly smaller glass of wine, every writer has their “comfort beverage” when they sit down for a long-haul of words.

5) Your writing utensil.

Pen, pencil, mechanical pencil, gel pen, highlighter, marker…when you’re jotting notes on paper all day, you develop a preference for the feel of your “pen” touching the page. Every writer has a “writing utensil” of choice!

6) Your writing playlist.

Some writers prefer silence, but many have a special writing playlist on their computer or phone. It might just be a favorite station on Pandora. Nothing like the right ambiance to set the mood for that next scene!

Is here something I forgot? What do you consider an important part of your writing routine?