Thoughts on Redemption


Losing faith in ourselves, losing faith in others. Coming under attack, not knowing how to defend. People hurt us sometimes. I wish I could say we get better as we get older, that eventually we reach a “golden age” when we become kind, wise, and compassionate. But as the years pass, and stages of life…

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What’s Up, 2016?


Hey. Wow. It’s 2016. Spaztastic! There are so many exciting developments on the horizon! First, the writing of Krait’s Redemption, which is coming along splendidly. The story is primarily from Sora’s POV, like all of The Cat’s Eye Chronicles, yet the plot also focuses on two characters we haven’t fully explored yet: Krait and Caprion….

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens


I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens at 2AM on Friday the 18th, apparently the morning of its release, but because I live under a rock, I didn’t know it was in theaters until my roomie offered me an extra ticket. I had heard rumors that a new Star Wars movie was about to be…

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Character Arc and The Cat’s Eye Chronicles


As I write The Cat’s Eye Chronicles, there is no doubt that Sora is the main character of the story. Though I focus intermittently on side-characters, in the end, the series is primarily written from Sora’s POV, and her struggle directly correlates to the plot. This is, ultimately, Sora’s quest…it’s her adventure. However, as I…

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6 Things Every Writer Has


1) Your writing sweater. This might be an old comfy jacket, bathrobe or sweater that you throw on in the cold mornings or late nights to do your writing thing. It might belong to someone else–maybe a friend left it at your house or you grabbed your hubby’s hoodie. Either way, every writer has something…

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Character Arc and How it Impacts Your Story


Character arc–you might have heard the term. It’s what your character learns or overcomes in your story. This is particularly important in series fiction, but even in stand-alone novels, it often becomes the central focus of your book. For the sake of this article, we will focus on series fiction that doesn’t have an absolute…

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A few words on Ebook Pirating

Ebook pirating: the act of distributing an ebook for free around the internet, thus “stealing” royalties from whomever wrote it (unless the author died like 80 years ago, in which case, go crazy.) I’ve seen a lot of authors posting opinions about pirating lately and I thought I’d add my own two cents. A recent…

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4 writing prompts that will change how you write.

This article was featured in Self Publishing: Carnival of the Indies Issue #44! I run across writing prompts all the time on the web. After my Creative Writing program, I don’t find many of them helpful in so far as challenging and improving a writer’s craft. Many writing prompts are just too comfortable. They focus…

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