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Caprion’s Wings by T. L. Shreffler

A novella of The Cat’s Eye Chronicles.

Release Date: January 31st, 2014

By the age of nineteen, all Harpies know how to fly—except Caprion. He has yet pass the test of the Singing and gain his wings. His family has disowned him in shame and people are beginning to talk. Now an evil voice haunts his dreams, taunting him, drawing out his worst fears—that he will remain wingless forever.

Caprion decides to find the root of this insidious voice, no matter what it takes. He journeys to the secret prisons of the Harpy underground, where he meets a young slave named Moss. In those sunless, decrepit cells, a forbidden friendship is formed. Can Caprion and Moss find the source of the voice? And can Caprion save Moss from a terrible fate?

Join young Caprion as he journeys down, down into the earth, finding his wings and forging a friendship that will change him forever.

*This is a novella of The Cat’s Eye Chronicles.

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Comments (20)

  1. Melinda

    Wow! Absolutely love the cover! Beautiful work. =D And love seeing the image of the young Caprion! Thank you for sharing with us!

    Oh…hrm…my favorite character – it would have to be Crash. ^_^ Though in all honesty, if there was no Sora, in my mind there would be no Crash. 😉

  2. Katie

    My favorite character is Krait

  3. Tiffany Espinoza

    My favorite character is Sora.

  4. Greta Eber

    Viper is my favorite character. He is one of my fictional crushes and I kinda just want Sora to let all his past go and let the love story take its course.

  5. Genieva

    My favorite Character has to be Crash!!!

  6. I love the colors in this new cover! My favs are Crash and Sora xD …though I do love them all xD

  7. I love all of the books so much. I especially love how things unfold in the last book. Don’t want to be specific and spoil things for those who may not have read it as of yet. I also enjoyed the introduction of the harpies, especially Caprion. I am excited for the novella so we can find out how he came to be who he is. I am so thankful to God for your talent and imagination!

    • Thank you Laura! It has definitely been a lifelong pursuit. So happy to share the story with you! I’m excited to share Caprion’s past. He has a lot to offer the series. :)

      • Laura Blanton

        I know it has been a lifelong pursuit and you must be over the moon to see your dreams coming to fruition. Not only do we still have the characters we have loved and/or disliked since the start, but we have Caprion to add new layers to future books.

        I think I have read all of your books now and I am ready for more! :~)

  8. Nubia

    My favorite character is Dorian because he brought the comedy relief in the first book.

  9. Kendra

    I love Sora who really growth through the series and Viper, cause he is just awesome! :-)

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