I mourn my old blog design….

For a few weeks now, the slider hasn’t been working on my old, beautiful, clean, happy blog design. A dysfunctional slider just won’t do. So I’ve updated this site to a bold, blocky, somewhat-scary and intimidating layout. It makes me think of vampires and Halloween, which isn’t what I’m going for, but oh well. Eventually I’ll have the time to create a newer, nicer layout, but for now I am pressed for time….

…because I am busy writing Ferran’s Map, the next installment of The Cat’s Eye Chronicles! In the last week, I have finished 4 chapters. This is quite a fast pace and all of the plotting I did is certainly paying off. At this rate, I could conceivably finish the first draft of the book by December.

I find that when I write, I lose track of things: time, meals, cell phone, keys, friends, pets, cleaning, personal hygiene…. Writing takes up 100% of my focus and memory when I am pounding through the first draft. By the end of the day, I feel foggy and mentally drained, but excited about the next chapter to come. 8 hours of sleep later, I get up and start the process all over again. When I am feeling inspired, I can sit and write for 8-10 hours a day.

Book 4 of The Cat’s Eye Chronicles will feature a bit of the following:

1) Crash and Sora (of course) working out their awkward and estranged relationship. Can they really go back to being “just friends?” Or will nature take its course?

2) Ferran has a lot to offer this story. More on his background, his unique abilities with his Cat’s Eye, his falling-out with the Ebonaires and much to do with a map…

3) Lori’s past in the City of Crowns is a bit darker than we all thought.

4) Remember Lord Gracen Seabourne from Sora’s Quest, the captain of the King’s personal guard? Remember that whole scandal over Lord Fallcrest’s death? Well, certain plot-lines are going to start coming together. Thought I forgot about all that, didn’t you? 😉

5) Sora is going to have to play noblewoman again. Parties, intrigue and masquerades ensue….

6) Krait and Caprion might have more in common than you all think.

7) Remember the monster (garrolithe) from the Crystal Caves? Yep, it has a place in this story as well.

It’s looking like Ferran’s Map is going to be the longest installment in the series so far. I am 4 chapters in and I have barely scratched the surface of the plot. I have a feeling this book is going to be quite large. Stay tuned for more updates and an eventual cover reveal on the horizon.

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Comments (16)

  1. i mourn your old design as well, though I did notice your slider wasn’t working a few days back. I think I need to shrink the header on my own website…

    We have so many projects going on, don’t we?

    • Thanks Melissa! WordPress updated its system and magically dismantled my slider. *deep sigh* I loved the old blog so much and I’ll admit to being a little bitter about it. Oh well! New and better designs on the horizon. And yes, we have way too many projects we’re both working on! 😛 Wish there was more time in the day… and that I had two brains… and four hands… maybe six.

  2. Laura Blanton

    I am so excited that you are this far into the fourth book as I am still enjoying the 3rd book! This keeps me from being sad to finish reading!

    • Thanks Laura! Glad you’re enjoying it. Take your time as after the first draft of Ferran’s Map is finished, there will be an extensive editing/rewriting period before its release.

  3. alyssa r.

    Uhh. Don’t rush.. but hurry up! 😉 I love the characters in these books and literally can’t wait for the next book! Such an amazing adventure. Sora and Crash have easily made it into my top book characters list, and I’m excited to read more about them aswell as all of their comrads. :)
    You probably hear it all the time, but jusy wanted to say that you have written an extraodinary story that i am completley enamoured by.

    Ps. I kinda dig the blog layout. Especially for this time of year. Just saying. :)

    • Thank you Alyssa! I guess Halloween is just around the corner, huh? One more thing that’s slipped my mind in my writing frenzy! Glad you’re enjoying the layout, maybe I’ll keep it for the holiday season.

  4. Riane Heckman

    ahhhhhh!!! i cant wait i still need to finish the 3rd one

  5. Websites are evil. Evil! I think maybe I should just go back to the stone age. If anyone wants to meet me, they can come by the campfire. :) You’ve definitely got the halloween / goth look going here, but at least it’s stylish! And doesn’t have major errors :) Good luck with the new site design. And I can’t wait for Book 4!

  6. I can’t wait for the next book, I have so many things going through my head about this book right now… lol

  7. Firstly, allow me to point out what a cruel and vindictive little person you are to be giving all these teasers whilst withholding FERRAN’S MAP until summer. 😛

    That said, I confess I did think you’d forgotten about Seabourne and Lily. Krait and Caprion have something in common???

    As for Crash and Sora…I’m no Trekkie, but I agree with James Tiberius Kirk about no-win scenarios. Things have to work out. They HAVE to or I’m going to curl into a ball and melt into a puddle of my own anguished tears.

    • Elisabeth! Yeah we took a big detour around the first book’s plot, time to tie up some loose ends (finally.) I honestly can’t wait. Sora has grown so much, her return to the City of Crowns is going to be an exciting event.

      And let’s hope Crash gets his sh*t together and becomes the man Sora needs to him to be. 😉 Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!

  8. Melinda

    I am so astonished at how fast you work! =D And happy that you’re really excited about this series too. I’m in love with the characters and super stoked to hear that you’re taking Sora “back to her roots”. I can’t wait to hear about her experiences back in the world of aristocrats, and Crash’s reaction to a whole different side of her. ^_^ EEEEPPPP!

    Thank you so much for all your hard work with this series, and for staying in touch with your readers. Makes me want to follow the series and grow with the characters all the more. <3

    • Thank you Melinda! I have been excited to write this book since I finished writing Sora’s Quest. What better way to show the growth of a character, than to put her directly in touch with her roots? :) It’s always a pleasure to hear from readers and keeps me inspired about the next novel. I only want the story to get better and better for you guys. Can’t wait for the next release.

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