Upcoming Titles

The following is a list of upcoming books by T. L. Shreffler.

The Cat’s Eye Chronicles

Krait’s Redemption (The Cat’s Eye Chronicles, Book 5)

Release Date 2016

Sora and company continue their adventure in the City of Crowns. Using The Book of the Named, can they discover Cerastes plot and stop The Shade before winter solstice?

Dorian’s Game (The Cat’s Eye Chronicles Novella)

Release Date 2016

In this novella installment of The Cat’s Eye Chronicles, we journey back to when Dorian first meets Crash. From Dorian’s perspective, we discover how the Viper got his nickname, how they join forces with Burn, and their first encounter with Volcrian.

The Dragon Pearl Series: Available Now!

The White (The Dragon Pearl, Book 1)
Click to learn more: www.dragonpearlseries.com

aec47b78e424fd4bcb0f5484c90c62e9Ever since The White appeared in our valley of Windridge, my people have lived in fear. But today that fear ends. Finally, the King has sent his most elite dragon hunters to capture The White, the last of the imperial dragons.

Since the death of her father, Sienna Foxburn hasn’t felt safe. The White, a fire-breathing imperial dragon, has terrorized her valley for three agonizing years. That all changes when a mysterious sorceress and two elite dragon hunters arrive. They want to capture The White and use it as a weapon in their war. But Sienna doesn’t care about war. She just wants the beast dead.

Sienna embarks on a dragon-hunting adventure through the exotic valley of Windridge, all while uncovering secrets and conspiracies that could endanger the entire Kingdom….

The Fire’s Bane (The Dragon Pearl, Book 2)

Release Date 2016

The White, a giant imperial dragon that once terrorized the valley of Windridge, is no more. Sienna finds herself in possession of a dragon pearl, a powerful stone carried in the beast’s belly, that can be used for dangerous magic. Sienna journeys across the Faltine Kingdom with Darius, the Fire’s Bane, to thwart an evil sorcerer bent on obtaining the pearl.

Along their journey, they travel through the mysterious and uncharted Hinterlands, where Darius reveals he is far more than a simple dragon hunter, but a man of great destiny. Together, he and Sienna seem to be fulfilling a prophecy foretold hundreds of years ago, that a fierce warrior and dragon speaker will restore peace and balance between dragons and mankind.

8 thoughts on “Upcoming Titles

  1. Hello there, just wondering if Shreffler is your maiden name and who your lineage comes from? I have most of the Shreffler clan mapped out but I haven’t worked on it too much in the last few years. My third great grandfather was Peter Shreffler from Kankakee, Illinois. Blessings, Anna

    • Yes, it’s my maiden name. I haven’t done much lineage mapping, but my great-great-grandfather was Theodore Wilson Shreffler, we have land-deeds with his name on it from back in the Civil War (and I think he was from Illinois). My father was Theodore Wilson Shreffler III. Hope that helps!

  2. While my sis is in the hospital I needed something engaging to read so snatched up Sora’s Quest. Just had to say I really liked how Crash’s opinion on Sora was not the cliche love-at-first-sight or even love after a few days; it took him a while to warm up. Oh and I LOVED the note he left her. That was a great ending to a book. Lovely!

    • Hi Keri! So glad you enjoyed Sora’s Quest, thanks for reading, and I hope the rest of the series continues to be a great escape for you. I’m sorry to hear about your sister and I hope she recovers quickly!

  3. I absolutely loved this series. The villain was more frightening than most you encounter in YA novels. You created a beautiful narrative for us, beginning with feeling bad for him and then extending to the desire to destroy him.

    While he was fantastic to read about, and the main character relatable, my favorite distinction was actually not a character. It was the slow, realistic romance between the main characters. It was tangible and flowed so well, I almost didn’t see it coming. Part of me wondered if you might hook her up with Volcrian just to shake things up. (Though, that would have been weird… O.o)

    The side characters are well thought out and interesting. Also, unlike other YA novelists, you aren’t afraid to take a life meaningfully. In that portrayal, it emphasizes that life isn’t always perfect (something this genre often forgets). When one dies, you actually feel the loss and grieve a bit. Every time they are brought up, I find myself upset along with the characters.

    I found a few errors here and there on the Nook edition, but not even those took away from the story. My husband actually loved it as well. Thank you, and keep on keeping on! 😀

    • Thank you Michelle! You have no idea how very gratifying it is to hear that. I must have rewritten Volcrian’s character 50x. He was definitely a challenge. I wanted to make a multi-dimensional villain that was at once evil but also “real,” and I’m so glad I was able to accomplish that. Thank you for the beautiful review. 😉 ~TL

  4. Why hasn’t Krait’s Redemption been released yet? It is a year past the release date… Dying here! Gotta know what happens!

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