What’s Up, 2016?

Hey. Wow. It’s 2016. Spaztastic! There are so many exciting developments on the horizon!

First, the writing of Krait’s Redemption, which is coming along splendidly. The story is primarily from Sora’s POV, like all of The Cat’s Eye Chronicles, yet the plot also focuses on two characters we haven’t fully explored yet: Krait and Caprion. So far, there’s quite a beautiful story to be told. These two characters have grown a lot since meeting each other and they both surprised me. Crash and Sora, as well, try to overcome their latest challenges, with the unexpected complication of Sora’s Cat’s-Eye necklace. Stay tuned for a release date announcement and more details in the near future!

crashviperI also have a crazy goal to expand the Cat’s Eye store to include art prints of the characters. Eventually, I hope to put together enough art to create a Cat’s Eye Chronicles Almanac of sorts, a “travel guide” to the world, to serve as a companion to the books. I also have a long list of updated character portraits I plan to add to the site. I’ve included a few of them in this post, which can also be found on their respective character pages (Sora and Crash, as you may have guessed.)soraportraitbust

For readers of The Dragon Pearl Series, I’m also working on Book 2: The Fire’s Bane, though it’s at a much earlier stage than Krait’s Redemption and will probably be released later in the year. The Fire’s Bane will once again be written from Sienna’s perspective, and will follow Sienna and Darius’s adventure as they try to stop a dangerous sorcerer after the dragon pearl. More details can be found here: Upcoming Titles.

What’s New for T. L.?

So on October 31st, 2015, I took a random trip to the Burbank Animal Shelter, and…this happened.


And this.


And now I have a writing poodle! A fuzzy minion of my very own. Her name is Penny. Here she is, hard at work on her next novel:


Penny enjoys burying snacks in her bedding, digging holes in the back yard, sniffing poop, chasing squirrels and cuddling. I’ve never met a cuddlier dog. She once sat in my lap for a full hour with no complaints. Her fur is constant upkeep, but other than that, she is a perfect little companion. I truly didn’t expect to become a dog owner overnight, but it was the best “impulse buy” I’ve ever made. It just feels so right to live with a dog.

I’m super excited about 2016–excited for my dog, for this next year of my life, and of course, for Krait’s Redemption! Stay tuned for more stories and updates, and in the meantime, enjoy this beautiful blog.

As always, thanks for reading!