RARE - Cat's Eye - The Original Version

RARE - Cat's Eye - The Original Version

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Cat's Eye by Theresa Shreffler is the original version of The Cat's Eye Chronicles published in 2007. Posted on fictionpress.com as early as 2003, it is the original story of Sora and Crash's adventure written by the author as a teenager, and published in print format when T. L. Shreffler was 16 years old. Only 200 copies were ever printed, and only 100 copies remain in circulation, released periodically by the author as special editions. This copy is signed and numbered by the author as part of the original 200 printings and cannot be replaced.

Please note: This is an alternative version of The Cat's Eye Chronicles, predating Sora's Quest! Featuring Sora and Crash, it's a stand-alone story that gave rise to the series.

The cover art is by Julie Dillon, an award-winning fantasy artist who was won both Hugo and Nebula awards for her work since 2015.

Includes free bookmark and sticker with order.


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I'm so excited to have a rare copy of my favorite book series! I previously purchased a necklace from the author and it's so cool to have them displayed together. The book was packaged well and arrived safe and sound. Thank you!

I actually did not realize what I was buying when I bought this! I am honestly just so in love with this series that I bought this just to collect! I didn't realize what a gem I purchased! I'm so excited to read the original story! Thank you!!! What a wonderful and exciting surprise! I highly recommend the series!!! Wonderful books!!!

I'm so excited to be one of the few people to own a copy of the original!